What the heck is a Freedom Coach?!


I made it up! I spent most of my adolescent years and most of my 20’s feeling stuck
and being cranky and having no idea what freedom even was. Now that I experience all different kinds of freedom on a regular basis I would like to share it! Being stuck really is a mindset that can be shifted. It can feel like moving a huge boulder at first – see what I did there? – but once you get started it is addicting and hard to stop!

The freedom for life encompasses all aspects of freedom that I think are vital. Though artistic freedom for me means producing movies and creating opportunities for talented people that I love, artistic freedom for you might mean painting or knitting or crafts. It might mean playing the guitar or putting a band together. Maybe you really love to balance checkbooks and you feel super creative when you do it. Do. You.

In brief, our financial, physical, artistic and creative freedom need to be in place for us to live our best lives and contribute to the people and causes that matter to us. I get to be creative through my work as an actress. I get inspired and then I have more energy to give back and create opportunities for others to do the same. None of this happens if my basic well-being and financial needs are met. I am asking you to think outside the box and challenge conventional ideas of what life should look life and what is socially acceptable.

Why did I put this website together?


Well, I do a lot of things and I have a lot of businesses. I also do a ton of networking. I am meeting people and getting a few moments with them and in those brief connections I am often only able to describe one of the many things that I do or I only share what appears to be the most beneficial to that person in the moment. I often miss how I might actually be able to support them. Now, they can come here and get all of me all in one place!

So dig right in, read and get to know me better. My only request is that you do so with an open mind. You just might learn something that could shift your perspective for the better.

Thanks for visiting!