Did you know that the average millionaire has not one, not two but six streams of income? All of us only have 24 hours in each day so that means that not all of these income streams can be things we regularly work on for hours on a daily basis. The secret? Making sure that most or even all of your income streams come in residually or passively. The most common type of passive income is from investments – stocks, bonds, real estate but residual income can also come from repeat sales of consumable products and from returns on business ownership.


Never heard of network marketing? Hmm. Maybe you live under a rock or maybe you are one of the smart ones who has avoided all forms of social media? In that case, good on you. Chances are you have at least one friend who sells jewelry, skin care, clothing or nutrition products of one kind or another. Network marketing is a fancy way of saying direct to consumer sales. Many companies have discovered that customers prefer to purchase products recommended by their peers and that when they purchase products in this way they are more likely to develop brand loyalty. This benefits the company, the distributor, as well as the customer because the company saves money on advertising, the distributor gets paid better because the company can afford a higher payout since they are not spending on advertising, and the customer gets personal support and customer service from someone they like and trust. Win-win-win. I was a big NO to ever starting a network marketing business until I found a company called Shaklee. They changed my mind and I’m so glad they did.


Shaklee was founded in 1956 but the company’s legacy goes back even further to 1915. Dr. Shaklee invented the multi-vitamin as we know it and he also created a new network marketing system. The system that Dr. Shaklee set up allowed Shaklee distributors to build their businesses to everyone they knew instead of being limited to a region. Prior to this, similar direct selling opportunities limited salespeople to a region given to them by the company they worked as a salesperson for. In 60 years Shaklee has never had a recall, lawsuit, FTC violation or FDA violation. Also, Shaklee was the first company to be certified carbon neutral (no carbon footprint) in the year 2000. All those decades of saving money on advertising have created the ability to pay their distributors handsomely as well as money to spend on the best product innovation and science team in the entire supplementation industry. Still not sold? Shaklee products have been published over 100 times in peer reviewed scientific journals. Want to see with your own eyes? You can read those studies here.


Do I have to sell to my friends? You can but I find building a networking marketing business results in so many new friendships and contacts that your oldest friends may never have to be your biggest fan.

Is there a huge up front investment? Most people choose to invest $349-$649 to start in products for them to try to make sure they are passionate about the products before sharing. This includes everything you need to start the business, including training and a fully functioning e-commerce website. So, all told, it is not much money when you consider that you are getting an entire business in a box!

Do I have to keep inventory? No. All sales are made online and all shipping and fulfillment is done by Shaklee.

Can I make real money doing this? Yes. I am a walking testament to this.

Can I do this business if I am shy? Yes! I am naturally very shy and not only have I thrived in network marketing but I have developed the most incredible network of friends as a result!

Do I have to find new customers every single month? Here is the beauty of Shaklee – the products are consumable on a monthly basis so most customers order every single month. In the beginning you will want to build your customer base and and you will want to continue growing it at your own pace over time – depending on what your goals are – but the products are excellent and many customers will continue to order for years upon years after their first order. Residual income. Bam.

Do I have to recruit other people to sell in order to make money? Along the way as you share you will naturally come across people who also want to share these products and start a business. That said, the Shaklee compensation plan is unique in the network marketing industry in that it is possible to create a solid residual income on customer volume alone if you so choose. It is rare that this actually happens though – our best customers tend to turn into referral sources as they begin sharing!

Do I need to quit my job? No. In fact I recommend you keep your job! Many people choose to build network marketing businesses alongside full time careers. You may get to a point where you can quit your full time job but because a network marketing business is set up to allow you to build a full time income on flexible part time hours, you will not need to cross that bridge until you come to it.

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