“I have done sound mixing on Invisible: The Film so basically working on Film Sets by day. Busting Ghost by Night. Oh she is fine! Really! She is calm, cool, collected.”

Brian Neris

“I worked with Megan years ago when we both worked at Equinox and I currently work with her in Shaklee. I love working with Megan! She is down to earth, organized, and easy to talk to.”

Natalie Rammacher

“I am the director of Invisible: The Film and have worked with Megan on that project. She is incredibly energetic and open to trying new ideas which I love.”

Nick Demos

“I work with Megan both with Shaklee and making movies! Megan is the queen of staying true to “why” and that belief in what she is doing with her life plus her belief in me proves to be a winning combination in everything we work on together.”

Pallavi Sastry

“Megan is my pilates instructor/friend! Megan is awesome, fun, and tough in the best way.”

Laurie Hymes

“I have been Megan’s personal assistant since 2014. Megan is awesome! She is adventurous, ready for new adventures, excited to see what new things are being created, and her ambition is inspiring!”

Mary St. Angelo

“I work with Megan on the business side of Shaklee and she has helped me with nutritional support in the form of Shaklee products. Megan is inspirational, educational and uplifting!”

Danielle Feaster

“For someone like me, trust is a huge issue. I want to know, Can I trust you with my body? Can I trust you to honor and respect the wants and needs specific to my body? When it comes to Megan, the answer is YES. I have absolute trust in Megan. Every single lesson, I feel her commitment to me. She is invested both in helping me to develop goals that are right for my body and then in challenging me to reach them. Megan is someone who truly deserves the word unique. I feel lucky to have found her.”


“After taking Pilates lessons with Megan, I could not go to any other instructor! Her attention to detail, sensitivity towards injuries and chronic problems, and ability to kick your butt (safely) are unmatched by anyone else I have ever worked with.”


“I had chronic back trouble for many years and was resigned to a life of discomfort until I had my first session with Megan. No, my back was not cured after having only one Pilates session but, the day of as well as the two days following my first session was the first time that I had absolutely zero back pain, to the point that I didn’t think about my back at all.”


“I have been working with Megan for over two years now, so she knows what I can handle and how to push me to get my body to do more than I think it can. Being pregnant, its more important now than ever for me to keep up with Pilates and Megan has given me the confidence with my “new body”, while still getting the most out of each session. It’s the one exercise I always look forward to doing!”